A very special fashion show

As English teachers, our main mission is to make English learning super fun, super useful, and super engaging for your kids. We’ve got an approach that revolves around cool themes and epic projects covering the big four skills: reading, listening, speaking, and writing.

Each theme dives deep into a specific topic, allowing your children to learn the vocabulary, language structures, and real-life context tied to that theme. It’s all about building a solid foundation in English while having a blast exploring subjects they’re passionate about.

At the end of each theme, we roll out some exciting projects that bring it all together. These projects let the kids use the four skills.

The 5th-grade girls just wrapped up their final project for Unit 1 with a bang! This unit was all about clothing and how to describe it in English. To put their new skills to the test, we organized a fantastic fashion show. Each girl designed an outfit, wrote up a description, strutted it on the runway, and explained it to the whole class. Not only did they show off their fashion sense, but they also proved their English skills were on point.

They did an outstanding job and we are very proud of them all!

Ms Isabel Mazarrasa
Head of the Foreign Language’s Department