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Congratulations are in order

The Cambridge results from last school year have finally arrived! We are very proud of our students for their great achievements. They have worked really hard to get here and they deserve our acknowledgement for their effort.

We are also very proud of our teachers´ work, the scores prove that we are on the right path. We focus on communication skills, vocabulary and learning English the natural way, like babies learn their native language, by listening and practicing.

100% of the students who sat their Mover´s and Starter´s, and KET test in Primary got the maximum score in speaking and 90% of them got the maximum score in listening.

Also, we work hard on authentic skills from genuine sources like: songs, films, poems, television and original english literature. This has clearly had a positive impact on our students’ motivation and in turn their level. This is reflected in our student´s overall average increasing from a Passed to a Merit (Grade C to Grade B).

These results support our work and encourage us to continue with what the Language Department is currently doing. We look forward to preparing our students for the next round of Cambridge exams at the end of the school term and submitting candidates for C1 and C2 for the first time.


Ms Isabel Mazarrasa

Head of the Foreign Language’s Department