Learning through literature

Literature has always been a core part of learning the English language. From the age of three, our students are constantly exposed to English and narrative understanding with weekly storytelling in Infant education. This allows them to soak up English and understand simple stories while immersed in the Language.

Later, throughout Primary, our students begin reading books such as The Enormous Crocodile, showing them the wonderful playfulness of Roal Dahl’s English. This allows them to grow their vocabulary and practice their pronunciation as they read out loud as a class alongside building their reading comprehension. In later years, they learn unusual expressions and colloquialisms that your everyday textbook reading would never teach them. This while considering the wonderful messages of empathy and kindness in books like R. J. Palacio’s Wonder.

More advanced novels such as Noughts and Crosses, Kensuke’s Kingdom and The House on Mango Street build the foundation for learning in Secondary. The students are able to learn close reading skills and tackle complex themes, such as race, growing up and ecology. These also form the basis of discussion and debates in class allowing them to show off their language skills and fluency.


Findlay Redpath

English Teacher