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Mics, cameras and action

We have started our theatre classes this year with Mics, Cameras, Action.

Speaking into a microphone, some students acted as presenters and interviewed the others with basic questions in English about their hobbies and interests.

Full of enthusiasm, Eugenia Silberberg Priego and María Rubio Artacho from sixth class interviewed the rest of the group with a microphone and the following week we started working with a script about our theatre classes.

Some students read the text while other students made their own movie clapboard so that they could shout “Action” as they posed for a picture with their own director’s clapperboard.

By this drama classes, students learn, in a fun way, life skills such as speaking publicly, cooperating with others, being creative and imaginative and becoming more confident.

Theatre in English is on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the afternoon. All Primary students in our School are invited to join us!


Morgan Fagg

Drama Teacher