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Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing

Peter Hatcher is in the fourth grade. He has lots of friends and even a new pet turtle named Dribble. But Peter has a problem. He is constantly being tormented by his little brother, Fudge.  Readers will laugh and probably even relate to the hilarious stories about Peter and Fudge and the very real relationship older siblings have with their younger siblings such as Fudge drawing all over Peter´s homework, throwing temper tantrums in front of his friends, and even eating his new pet. How will Peter get his parents to pay attention to him and to put a stop to Fudge´s behavior once and for all?

This is a great read for kids and parents alike, especially those who are trying to read chapter books with easy vocabulary. Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing is a classic written by a very well- known American author, Judy Blume, that will encourage students to challenge themselves to read more books by this very funny and timeless author.


Vanessa Alegria

Profesora de Inglés en Educación Primaria