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Very proud of our little ones

The school term has started and we are all very excited, especially the little 3 year olds, who have found themselves immersed in an English speaking environment for the first time. This is what Miss Julie has told us about their first weeks together:

«After these two weeks in Year three we’ve learned most of the routines. We’re all happy at school working on colours, shapes, numbers, etc. Singing in English is one of the most important things in class but we also love playing different games, which help us learn new vocabulary. English is fun!»

We are very happy about their fast adaptation and very proud of them too! Congratulations!

We are also very proud of our year four students who are coping very well with their new routines and are learning English at great speed. This is what their teacher, Miss Paty, says about them:

«The four year olds have adapted very well during these first weeks. It’s incredible how well they accept English and how the language is becoming part of their learning process.

Our students are starting to express themselves in English and are showing great interest in learning more and more. Songs, games, sensory activities and stories are what they enjoy the most in their English class».

They are all doing an amazing job and we can’t wait to see how far they go this year!

Ms Isabel Mazarrasa

Head of the Foreign Language’s Department