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Our study abroad program in Milwaukee

This is the second year we organize for 4th-year ESO students – a 4-month study abroad program at Chesterton Academy in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Chesterton Academy is located in the heart of Milwaukee and is recognized for its commitment to classical education. We’d like to highlight some key aspects of the school:
Catholic Ethos: Rooted in Catholic traditions, Chesterton Academy creates an environment that nurtures the spiritual growth of students, aligning with the values we uphold at Nuestra Sra de Schoenstatt.
Classical Education: Chesterton Academy employs a classical education model, focusing on the trivium (grammar, logic, and rhetoric) to provide students with a well-rounded foundation in the liberal arts.
Small Class Sizes: The school maintains small class sizes, fostering a close-knit community and allowing for individualized attention to each student.
We would also like to emphasize the cultural and spiritual significance of Milwaukee, particularly the Schoenstatt Shrine. The Schoenstatt Shrine in Milwaukee holds a special place for the entire Schoenstatt family, as it was where Father Kentenich spent his final years. This sacred space adds a profound dimension to the overall experience, connecting our students to the legacy of Father Kentenich and the Schoenstatt movement.
We believe that this program offers a unique learning experience for our students, aligning with our educational philosophy and fostering a deeper connection to the Schoenstatt legacy.

Ms Isabel Mazarrasa
Head of the Foreign Language’s Department