International week at Schoenstatt

We are thrilled to share with you the exciting events that took place during the International Week at our school.

During the week, the school was transformed into a global village, with colorful and informative projects about different countries displayed throughout the hallways. The children had spent the last few months learning about the geography, culture, and customs of various nations, and they showcased their newfound knowledge through posters, artwork, and presentations. They also sang, performed and recited poems from many English and German speaking countries.

At the end of the week there was the Book Fair, which took place in our school gym. Students had the opportunity to browse through a vast collection of books and even purchase some to take home. Our aim was to promote literacy and a love of reading while exposing the children to literature from diverse backgrounds.

To conclude the week, we held an International Parade, where students and teachers, representing different English and German speaking countries, marched to the tune of each country’s national anthem while waving its flag. It was a lively and colorful affair, with music, and flags representing nations. The parade was a wonderful celebration of everything we have learned throughout the school year about the different English and German-speaking countries.

We want to thank all those who participated and supported us during International Week. It was a true team effort, and we are so proud of our students for their hard work and enthusiasm. We hope that this experience has broadened their horizons and inspired them to become global citizens who are curious, respectful, and open-minded.

Ms Isabel Mazarrasa

Head of the Foreign Language’s Department