«The Achievement in Languages Award»

Learning another language can be very demanding, but one can only learn a language through regular practice.

Language teachers try to encourage students to use their English and German as much as they can, in and outside the classroom, not only with their teachers, but also with their classmates.

For our students it is a very hard thing to do – it requires a lot of effort on their part and they need all the motivation they can get. That is why the teachers in the Foreign Language’s Department have come up with a motivation plan called “The Achievement in Languages Award».

This award is given in three stages: bronze, silver and gold medals. In each class the student who has participated and spoken more English or German gets a sticker in the award chart. They need to get 12 stickers for the bronze, 16 for the silver and 20 for the gold medal. When they do, they receive a diploma that certifies their achievement.

This plan does not reward the best English or German speakers, but the ones that are trying harder to practice and improve.

Through this plan we want students to get motivated and compete only with themselves, because everybody can, at their own pace, get all the rewards before July.

Paula Serra in 3rd grade was the first student in Primary to get her bronze medal, but there are many others following her. Congratulations for getting the bronze – keep it up, go for the gold!


Ms Isabel Mazarrasa

Head of the Foreign Language’s Department